Warpaint For Men

Paid Social & PPC

Scaling online sales through a future-proof performance marketing strategy.


War Paint for Men is the men's makeup brand taking the world by storm. It’s about exploring all flavours of masculinity, seizing the day with confidence and beating feelings of insecurity. Social Buff was given the task to strategise and manage their customer acquisition campaigns across Paid Social and PPC, to increase their return on ad spend whilst scaling online revenue.


  • Content Production
  • Paid Social
  • PPC
  • Strategy & Consultancy


Warpaint for Men was already a high performing direct to consumer brand but was looking to scale online revenue without depleting their ROAS.

They had an existing foundation that they had built over the previous two years, but they were experiencing a plateau in performance due to over-saturation on Facebook and Instagram in a highly competitive market.

We had to implement a new strategy to combat data tracking restrictions, over-saturation on Facebook and Instagram in a highly competitive market meant we had to think outside the box and act quickly with creative optimisations.


We combined an analytical approach with new creative output which, based upon our market research, we believed would be more appealing to the target audience.

Through intuitive optimisations and a new campaign structure, we were able to distribute the budget and pause any underperforming campaigns. Allowing us to redistribute budget to new prospecting campaigns to drive and scale revenue.

In just three months, we were able to exceed revenue targets, while increasing ROAS without Warpaint having to forfeit short term performance. Resulting in a sustainable and effective growth trajectory.

Results-Driven, Performance Obsessed.


Increase in eCommerce conversion rate


In search ads ROAS


PPC revenue growth


Increase in customer retention rate


Increase in AOV

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